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Somali Pirate Activity – The High Risk Area

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Risk Assessment

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Typical Pirate Attacks

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Reporting Procedures

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Company Planning

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Ship Master’s Planning

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Ship Protection Measures

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Pirate Attack

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If the Pirates take Control

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In the Event of Military Action

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Post Incident Reporting

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Updating Best Management Practices

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Useful Contact Details

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UKMTO Vessel Position Reporting Form

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Piracy Definitions

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Follow-up Report

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MSCHOA Vessel Movement Registration Form

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Additional Guidance for Vessels Engaged in Fishing

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Additional Advice for Leisure Craft Including Yachts

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Supporting Organisations

Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy

Section 1



The purpose of the Industry Best Management Practices (BMP) contained in this booklet is to assist ships to avoid, deter or delay piracy attacks off the coast of Somalia, including the Gulf of Aden (GoA) and the Arabian Sea area
Experience, supported by data collected by Naval forces, shows that the application of the recommendations contained within this booklet can and will make a significant difference in preventing a ship becoming a victim of piracy.


The potential consequences of not following BMP, as set out in this booklet, are severe. There have been instances of pirates subjecting their hostages to violence and other ill treatment. The average length of a hijacking of vessel and her crew is over 7 months. (Note Naval/Military forces often refer to a “pirated” vessel rather than a “hijacked” vessel, the meaning is however the same).


For the purposes of the BMP the term ‘piracy’ includes all acts of violence against ships, her crew and cargo. This includes armed robbery and attempts to board and take control of the ship, wherever this may take place. Somali pirates have to date sought to hijack a vessel, her cargo and crew and hold them until a ransom demand is paid.


Where possible, this booklet should be read with reference to the Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (, and the NATO Shipping Centre, (, websites which provide additional regularly updated advice (including up to date alerts on piracy attacks).


Not all Ship Protection Measures discussed in BMP4 may be applicable to every ship type.


This BMP4 booklet updates the guidance contained within the 3rd edition of the Best Management Practice document published in June 2010.


This booklet complements piracy guidance provided in the latest IMO MSC Circulars, see the IMO website at


Nothing in this booklet detracts from the Master’s overriding authority to protect his crew, ship and cargo.

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