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Let’s Change How We Manage Security

We will always strive to provide you with the most cost effective, affordable, and effective security improvement.


GUARDIANsec is an independent risk consultancy, specializing in helping organizations manage security risks in complex and hostile environments.
Our support is vital to our clients when realizing new opportunities across the world. By providing risk analysis, in-depth investigations, practical on-the-ground protection support and passing on knowledge and expertise through our tailormade training workshops, we enable our clients and their employees to play a pivotal role in their own security and safety.
We strive to offer our clients the highest quality, bespoke solutions in order to satisfy their requirements. We do this with our “can do”-attitude and the vast knowledge and experience we have acquired from conducting numerous tasks in emerging markets.
We pride ourselves with the highest standard of commitment to act with honesty and integrity without compromising the level of service we offer.
Our strength lies with working closely with our clients to achieve their goals.
From our base in Italy, and with the assistance of an international network of security professionals, we are able to offer our services worldwide; wherever you require them.
We have conducted successful missions in Europe and the MENA Region. GUARDIANsec Solutions executes all operations and projects in accordance with the laws applicable in the country and region where the missions are conducted.


The technology and information-driven era in which we find ourselves living in is an exciting time. Unfortunately, these benefits also come with an enhanced need to protect ourselves from those who may want to harm, or destroy the things we care about.
Whether it’s protection from physical or financial damage, these things must be given careful thought – especially for businesses who conduct business internationally.
Fortunately, there are professionals that come in the form of security consulting services that can allow for some peace of mind.
Security consultant firms are not the type of companies that provide everyday uniformed security services that you typically see guarding a corporate office. And chances are, you’ve never even heard of these firms even though they provide the most elite protective security and intelligence services to corporate executives, the ultra-wealthy – and even to government agencies and diplomats – all around the world.
That said, there are countless security consultant firms that claim to provide elite security solutions.  In reality, very few are actually capable of providing these services.  And even among those few that are capable, each varies greatly in their level of competence and experience in truly understanding and providing such services.
Individuals and groups that intend to inflict harm against you, your people or your organization often present in unique and challenging ways. They can test security and protection programs in increasingly complex ways, oftentimes, using the element of surprise to their benefit. In an ever-evolving and modern threat landscape, GS’s can support organizations determine the overall threat environment of their business, people and executives and identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited by adversaries.

GS assists to make informed decisions about risk, protection and enterprise-wide security—offering a more comprehensive solution for modern-day threats targeting executives and brands.
GS’s security, threat and vulnerability assessments are routinely conducted at corporate headquarters locations, executive residences, health care facilities, hospitals, schools, universities, research and development labs, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, data centers, critical infrastructure locations and facilities critical to business continuity and resiliency.


At ground level, “GUARDIAN Sec” is just in its infancy and is a concept of mine that I developed after many years of formal protective training and tested field experience. My goal is simply to provide the highest quality of service(s) by aggressively pursuing new and progressive cutting-edge concepts.
After years of operational experience, I’ve become aware of the ever-growing demands in the private security sector in providing quality services to various clientele types.
I’ve learned that people are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market.  After the number of years, I’m known for my character as well as my passion and dedication when it comes to providing protective services. I’d like to take this motivation and work to provide professional staffing for at risk individuals and/or business entities.
My objective is to ensure that security staff personnel allow/facilitate the Prime Contractor to achieve their missions, safely and effectively.
Personnel Staffing include SET and Guard Force, which include: Tower Teams, Entry Control Point (ECP) Teams, Escort Teams, and Patrol Teams.
In staffing personnel, I will ensure that our work processes and interfaces are most effectively used to best support a high tempo level of project operations. I will bring complimentary experiences and knowledge to bear, ensuring our interaction with contracting and other agencies is appropriately standardized and seamless.
The Staffing Service will provide PSS services, i.e., planning, transportation and protection from natural and anthropogenic hazards. A proactive approach to risk assessment, and level of experience will allow the personnel to professionally meet ever changing requirements, not only in personnel but also the development/support of effective TTPs (Tactics, Techniques & Procedures), responding to evolving threat trends, as well as respond to unforeseen security issues. The Team’s personnel will be trained, tested and certified within existing TTPs to be completely compliant with directed policies and procedures.
I will ensure that the operational personnel have the experience and personal qualities to quickly adapt to shifting mission requirements, including providing guard services, or other security assignments that might be required. The designated personnel will be flexible and reflects unique requirements of each function, region and threat.

Staffing Management Plan

Staffing management plan and Resource management plans are important part of project resource management. Every project will require resources for executing project activities. There will be a need for both man power resources and physical resources. The resource requirement for each activity will be estimated. The resources will be acquired during project execution as per the schedule.   Planning for resources, acquiring resources, developing team and managing team are the important activities to be carried out as part of project resource management. A resource management plan will contain all the necessary guidelines for project resource management. A staffing management plan will also be part of the overall resource management plan.   Staffing management plan, which part of overall resource management plan will specifically focus on the man power aspects of the project. Staffs are the most important part of project. It is important to select and acquire the right staff with right skills at the right time. A staffing management plan contains a plan for addressing all the aspects of man power and will include below information:
  •     Identification of human resources
  •     How the human resources will be acquired
  •     Criteria to be used for how the human resources will be selected
  •     From where the human resources will be acquired
  •     How to acquire resources from within the organization
  •     How to acquire resources from external sources
  •     When the resources will be acquired (based on the project schedule)
  •     When the resources will be released (based on the project schedule)
  •     Process for maintaining the resource calendars
  •     Resource loading table depicting total number of resources needed at different points in the project
  •     Safety and security guidelines for the human resources
  •     Identification of training needs and plan for fulfilling the training needs of the team
  •     Rewards and recognition plan for the team
  •     How to build the team and enhance team performance
  •     How to monitor the performance of each team member and help keeping them motivated


Staffing is the most important part of project management. It is the staff who will actually complete the project work. Staff will also consume the majority of project cost. Hence it is extremely important to be very precise in planning and acquiring the right staff at the right time for the right duration. It is also important to keep the staff members motivated and ensure their safety and well- being. The staffing management plan help capture all these aspects precisely for effecting staff management for the project.


Business travel exposes employees to inherent risks. Modern companies are adopting a proactive travel risk management (TRM) policy to manage crises, communicate effectively, and plan ahead wherever possible.
Organizations usually rely on travel risk management companies to support employee welfare with risk intelligence strategies, tools, and technologies.
A travel risk management company enables organizations to fulfill responsibilities around staff duty of care by providing risk identification, mitigation, and communication solutions.
Travel risk management companies ensure safer, easier, and more enjoyable business travel with comprehensive support options. Travel risk management service providers usually provide solutions to a number of different corporate travel needs.
Pre-travel planning is crucial for developing a corporate travel policy that meets the needs of your traveling employees.
This includes considerations for:
– Threat identification: you want a platform that’ll help you identify issues
– Contingency planning: for if something comes up unexpectedly
– Itinerary management: so, your employees don’t have to worry about the details of their travels
– Risk assessment: to understand potential risks and how to deal with them
A robust security and risk management services helps you protect employees and company assets abroad.
Services can include:
– Responsive security intelligence: for proactively monitoring global incidents
– Employee tracking: for locating and monitoring traveling employees
– Operational support: for quick evacuation and meeting obligations to care for your employees in real-time

In case of crisis:

Incident resolution and quick recovery are two key areas of travel risk management. Travel risk management tools ease multiple processes such as:
– Response management: to plan crisis management for emergency situations
– Incident logging: to identify common travel risks and map areas of failure
– Crisis support: to support employees during natural disasters or any other crisis
– Business continuity: to mitigate impacts and ensure operations continuity
– Medical assistance: to coordinate and manage medical treatment for employees
– Damage limitation: to cover employee injury or property damage
Therefore, a safety culture is the foundation of a travel risk management policy. GS risk management services support you to create, identify, and manage:
– Risk tolerance: to identify acceptable risk levels
– Duty of care obligations: for fulfilling legal obligations to keep employees safe
– Document stakeholder engagement: to facilitate the right discussions

Clear guidelines mean fairness for all

Benefits for travelers

– Flexibility and autonomy to book their own travel within guidelines
– Safety first! (Travelers’ whereabouts are tracked)
– Reduce confusion and hassle with travel booking

Benefits for the company

– Reduce spikes in travel spend and gain control
– Reduce friction and frustration over expenses and reimbursements
– Reduce total costs on business travel and optimize your company’s budget
– Increase fairness and foster a positive company culture


Whether traveling by commercial or private aircraft, it is often the journey from the airport to the final destination that offers the greatest risk of encountering danger, disappointment or distress. Even in the most developed countries, it is possible that the waiting driver is poorly trained, unlicensed, uninsured and could certainly lack sufficient experience to interact with senior executives.
GUARDIANsec Secure Travel Network arranges to meet and greet the traveler anywhere in the world, even in the most dangerous of cities, with highly trained, knowledgeable and trusted personnel who will drive the most appropriate vehicles safely to the final destination.
We have undertaken innumerable international assignments involving multidestination visits. We understand the need for flexibility, reliability and consistency in service delivery.

– Secure Transportation
– Airport Meet & Greet Services
– Executive Airport Services, such as VIP check-in, FastTrack Immigration and Customs Clearance
– Pre-trip Intelligence Gathering & Risk Assessments
– Real-time Tracking Solutions, Geo-fencing and Proximity Incident Alerts for Meeting/Hotel Locations
– Route & Venue Reconnaissance

We offer reliable and efficient airport and intercity transfers with our buses and limousines or with your vehicle.


One of our trained security professionals will drive you; thereby enhancing your security in transit and at your destination.


Do you require a driver for the day, for a few days or for a longer period? Let us know your requirements and we will be on it.


Our professional chauffeurs will make your special day or event extra special with their professional and high-quality service.


We will relocate your vehicle to any destination within Switzerland or Europe. Your car will be delivered to you fueled up and cleaned, ready for you to take the wheel.


Have peace of mind when your teenagers are on a night out. Our chaperone agent will drive and watch out for them in a discreet and professional manner. You can feel at ease, knowing one of our agents will be there, should the need arise.

An independent consulting firm

We’d provide you with comprehensive and unbiased advice and will never try to sell you a security product or service.